5 Green Bean Cooking Methods To Try Out

Despite their small size, green beans are big on versatility. Along with being suitable to different flavor profiles, green beans excel with a ton of different cooking methods. Discover which one is right for you below!


Steaming is the O.G. green bean cooking method for a reason. The process is simple and low maintenance while retaining that classic mixture of crisp and tender textures. If you’re looking to keep things traditional, steaming is your best bet. 


We love sautéing our green beans because it concentrates their flavor while still keeping them crunchy! Interestingly enough, this process actually works best if you steam your green beans after the fact; steaming makes sure that your green beans retain their bright color and rounds out their flavor profile. 


If you’re looking for a quick, healthy appetizer, frying your green beans is a great option. Texture wise, the frying process makes your green beans crunchier than other methods. Fried green beans are a solid alternative to traditional fries too, so you can set them alongside larger dishes to boost up the nutritional profile. 


Blanching is the best method if you need to prepare a ton of green beans beforehand or plan on serving them cold. When you’re boiling the green beans, make sure to not overcook them; 4 or 5 minutes is more than enough to tenderize them. Additionally, thoroughly dry your green beans after the ice bath to prevent spoiling.

  • Pro Tip: Adding salt to the pot while boiling will bring an extra dose of flavor.


We’re big fans of grilled green beans. They’re simple to prepare but powerfully flavorful, particularly if you coat them in an Asian-inspired marinade beforehand. To ensure that your green beans don’t fall into the grill, consider placing them on some foil or tossing them onto a grill pan.