5 Fun Margaritas For Cinco De Mayo

One of our favorite drinks to pair with Mexican food, margaritas are a source of endless creativity and inspiration. Spanish for “daisy,” the origin of the margarita is contested, but most historians believe that it stemmed from Tijuana around the 1930’s. With such an integral place in the Mexican nightlife scene, margaritas are a fantastic addition to any Cinco de Mayo menu. From long running standard-bearers to inspired twists, here are 5 of our favorite margaritas.

Classic Margarita

Enduring and perpetually popular, the classic margarita is the cornerstone cocktail of any Mexican inspired menu. Silver tequila is your best bet for any margarita, as it has the cleanest flavor and tends to blend in with other ingredients without overshadowing them. Pop your tequila in a shaker with some lime juice, orange liqueur, and a dash of sugar to get the party started. 

Blood Orange Margaritas

Blood oranges are one of our favorite varieties of oranges, so their presence on this list should come to no surprise. Although blood oranges are typically associated with winter, their rich orange flavor and beautiful red hue make them fit right at home with other summertime favorites. To prepare, simply sub fresh blood orange juice for orange-liqueur and garnish with a blood orange slice.  

Cactus Pear Margaritas

Incorporating one of Mexico’s most iconic fruits, cactus pear margaritas have an ample dose of authentic Mexican flavor. While there are a few ways to incorporate the fruit, we like using cactus pear syrup rather than juice in order to pump up the sweetness. If you’re a big fan of the pink hue, we’d recommend salting the rim with pink sea salt to really hit the message home.  

Mango Jalapeno Margaritas

Spicy and sweet all at once, mango jalapeño margaritas are a welcome addition to anyone who is tired of the standard margarita. Generally served with fresh jalapeño slices and mango juice or mango infused simple syrup, this drink is a treat for the eyes too. We’re big fans of the spicy notes here, so we’d recommend salting the rim with a chili-salt mixture to kick the drink up a notch.

Cucumber Mint Margarita

Light, bright, and refreshing, cucumber mint margaritas are one of those drinks that call for more than one round. Working with the aforementioned classic mix of lime juice, silver tequila, and orange liqueur but adding muddled mint and cucumber pieces, this drink pairs particularly well with fish tacos! Garnish with a mint leaf or a cucumber slice on the rim and get ready to have these flying out of the kitchen.