5 Fall Dishes That Forgo The Pumpkin

Don’t let Instagram and latte-clutching caffeine fanatics fool you; fall isn’t all about pumpkins. The fabulous season has a lot more to offer beyond the gargantuan gourd, particularly if you use seasonal ingredients or work with fall-friendly flavors. Follow along to discover some fall dishes that are suitably pumpkin-free.

Goat Cheese Panna Cotta, Bartlett Pear Puree, Pear Chips, and Eggnog Ice Cream

Look up “class” in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of this recipe from our friends at USA Pears. Though the dish is a little time intensive, it’s more than worth the effort; fall spices like cinnamon, star anise, and nutmeg delicately dance with a double dose of pears for a finished product that’s got some serious aesthetic points. 

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Spinach Brie Fig Jam Turkey Melt

With a peak season from August to October, figs are one of the most surprising fruits of fall. If you want to to create a dish that utilizes seasonal produce but doesn’t scream “fall,” consider using this recipe from our friends at Taylor Farms. For best results, use some of their game changing baby leaf products!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, and Anise

Not fully ready to give up the gourd? Instead of using pumpkins, try pairing butternut squash with Brussels sprouts, cinnamon, anise, and dried cranberries. This recipe from Queen Victoria is unique while still incorporating a ton of different fall flavors; if you’re looking to impress, this is a great dish to start with. 

Burrata with Vincotto, Grilled Pears, Pickled Golden Raisins, and Micro Greens

Show your patrons the true power of seasonal ingredients with this recipe by Chef Laura Hamm. Similar to the first recipe on this list, this dish shows the classy side of pears, but incorporates vincotto, fresh herbs, and dried pepper flakes for an extra dose of color. When it comes to pear varieties, we’d recommend sticking with anjous because their balanced flavor profile and crisp texture holds up well during the cooking process. 

Baby Kale Miso Soup

Kale isn’t called a cold weather green for nothing. The trendy veggie actually gains more sweetness when exposed to frost, so it can be used to great affect throughout the fall! Instead of working with a salad, we enjoy using kale in soups, like in this recipe from Taylor Farms, to warm our customers’ hearts and bellies. 

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