5 Exciting Ways To Use Escarole

Escarole is the secret weapon of the leafy green world. Although less hip than kale and less commonplace than spinach, escarole still reigns as one of the most versatile greens in the game. You can grill it, stew it, toss it in a salad, or even pair it with fresh fruits without losing the signature sharpness that makes escarole so special. Don’t believe us? Try out some of these dishes in your kitchen and find out for yourself!

Add It To Italian Wedding Soup

Escarole is the weapon of choice when it comes to Italian wedding soup. This is due to its middle ground texture; escarole is less toothsome than kale but heartier than spinach, meaning that it holds up perfectly in the cooking process. Better yet, it’s approachable bitterness doesn’t overpower other flavors in your soup!

Pair It With Fruit

The natural sweetness of fruit pairs exceptionally well with the bitterness of escarole, simultaneously cutting down on sharp flavors while adding complexity to the overall dish. We’ve found that adding fruits to an escarole salad gets the job down quite well; try working with a mixture of crisp and soft fruits by combining apples, persimmons, and citrus. 

Caramelize It

Greens don’t always have to be served raw. Due to the heartiness of escarole, it doesn’t wilt away the second it hits the flame. Toss your escarole on the grill for a few minutes and caramelize it to bring out deep, rich flavors. 

  • Pro Tip: Make sure to turn it often to avoid premature burning. 

Throw It on A Pizza

Escarole is a fantastic partner to pizza but not in the way you’d first expect. While we wouldn’t argue that escarole would make an awesome topping on pesto pizza, we’re fond of an unusual method; try adding some to a double crusted stuffed pizza! In terms of cheese, stick with varieties that get extra melty; fontina, provolone, and gouda are all fantastic options.  

Pasta It

There’s a long running history of Italian chefs working with chicories (radicchio we’re looking at you) and escarole is no exception. To start, we’d recommend working with the classic combination of escarole, white beans, and bowtie pasta! Garnish with some fresh herbs for a Mediterranean showstopper.