5 Everyday Ways To Use Horseradish

Horseradish can seem like a “special circumstances” vegetable. Its rough, knobby exterior and powerfully spicy flavor can make some chefs treat it like a specialty ingredient rather than a common comrade. In reality, fresh horseradish is surprisingly versatile, and can help pump up numerous dishes! Try these techniques out in your kitchen and see why the root vegetable is such a great workhorse.

Serve Alongside Prime Rib

Creamy horseradish sauce and prime rib go way back. The zesty sauce works as a flavor enhancer when paired with prime rib and other beef dishes, helping to even out unnecessarily strong flavors. It’s easy to make too; simply whisk sour cream, grated horseradish, lemon juice, and salt and pepper until smooth.

  • Pro Tip: For a creamier sauce, try adding some heavy cream to your mixture.

Add It To A Vinaigrette

Vinegar helps tone down some of the excess spice of horseradish, so naturally, the root vegetable easily fits into vinaigrettes. We’d recommend working with a wide range of flavors for a complex dressing. So when you throw your horseradish in the food processor, don’t be afraid to add in some honey or garlic.

Garnish A Bloody Mary

Sometimes, your guests ma need that extra kick to get them through an especially tough morning. Using fresh horseradish rather than prepared horseradish will add an extra level of heat to your drink that’ll be sure to wake up your customers. Garnish and mix inside for a double dose of horseradish!

Spice Up Your Guacamole

Nothing’s better than a good guacamole. Horseradish keeps up the spice while offering a unique flavor that helps set it apart from commonplace guacamole. For an even more unconventional take, try adding dill and a dash of Worcestershire sauce!

  • Pro Tip: Horseradish guacamole is a great tangy topping to burgers and steaks!

Harmonize With Hummus

How do you make hummus even more crave-able? Add horseradish, that’s how. The tangy taste of horseradish is a great complimentary flavor to standard hummus, but garlic and tahini are ideal partners here. Mix the three with chickpeas and be sure to have some extra ingredients on hand; this one won’t go uneaten for long.