5 Delicious Brussels Sprouts Dishes

Regardless of whether you’re a five star establishment, hip brunch joint, or creative pizzeria, there’s a Brussels sprouts dish for you. Don’t believe us? See these recipes for proof.

Brussels Sprouts Pizza

For an unexpected pizza, try pairing shredded Brussels sprouts with pancetta and roasted garlic. If you can’t find pancetta, bacon, prosciutto, and smoked sausage are all great substitutes. In terms of cheese, we’d recommend using a sparse amount of parmesan. Get the recipe here.

Brussels Sprouts Citrus Salad

We love this recipe because it’s a shining example on how to use raw Brussels sprouts. Their savory nuttiness is tampered down with citrusy orange zest, juicy pomegranate seeds, tangy feta cheese, and a sweet honey vinaigrette! For best results, make sure to thoroughly wash and dry your Brussels sprouts before slicing them into shreds. 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, and Anise

Love fall flavors but looking for something other than pumpkin pie? Flex your culinary muscles with this recipe from Ippolito and give your customers a dish to remember. The flavor profile of this dish is deeper than you’d think; fall spices, aromatic anise, and nutty Brussels sprouts all compliment and enhance each other.

Gluten-Free Brussels Sprouts Gratin

Further proof that there’s a Brussels sprouts dish for every type of eater, this dish appeals to anyone who’s trying to avoid gluten. If you want to take things the extra mile, you can also swap in soy milk and vegan cream cheese in this recipe for a vegan twist. Top with roasted almonds for a crunchy bite!

Individual Brussels Sprouts Frittata 

This recipe rocks because it’s hearty, healthy, and convenient. By both sautéing and roasting your Brussels sprouts, you’ll be rewarded with a veggie that’s simultaneously crunchy and caramelized. For a tastier frittata, make sure to use shallots instead of regular onions.