5 Cocktails That Use Elderberries From Flowers and Beyond

Elderberries deserve more credit in the cocktail world. Too many cocktail aficionados forget that spirits like St. Germain rely on elderberry flowers for their delicate floral notes and most aren’t even aware of the power of elderberry simple syrup! This is great news for bartenders however; elderberries can become your “secret weapon” behind the bar with the proper inspiration and guidance. Surprise your customers with these awesome elderberry cocktails.

Elderflower Liqueur and Champagne

This simple pairing of elderflower liqueur and champagne is a heavy hitter in the elderflower cocktail world. The crisp drinkability of champagne serves as the perfect vessel for elderflower liqueur, as the delicate floral notes of the spirit are really given the chance to shine! Preparation couldn’t be easier; simply toss a shot of elderflower liquor into a glass and top with champagne or a sparkling white wine.

French Pear Martini

When it comes to show-stopping beverages, the french pear martini is the king of them all. A classy combination of elderflower liqueur, vodka, and champagne, this cocktail has wonderful floral notes throughout the glass. Seasonal produce is easily incorporated here too; try garnishing with a fresh pear slice for a fall treat!

  • Pro Tip: Choose the perfect pear variety with this guide.

Elderberry Sour

While you wouldn’t normally throw a shot of elderflower liqueur into a whiskey sour, a house-made elderberry simple syrup can bring some surprising sweet/tart notes into the bar standby. Make sure to cook your berries before adding them to the syrup; the berry can be toxic if served raw.

Elderberry Fizz

Although the gin fizz is one of the classic New Orleans cocktails, bartenders around the country blast out new variants all the time. Gin fizzes rely on citric and floral flavors, so adding elderberry simple syrup and elderflower liquor can bring new depth to the cocktail without drastically altering the traditional flavor profile.

Elderflower Gimlet

A standard-bearer of the cocktail scene since the roaring 20’s, gimlets are primed and ready to be updated for the modern drinker. Elderflower liqueur lightens up the renown citrus flavor of gimlets, resulting in a cocktail that goes down smooth without being overly sweet. Best of all, light flavors like cucumber and rose can easily be added for a richer flavor profile!