5 Back to School Fruits That Deserve an A+

The dog days of summer may be a thing of the past, but the school year is still nipping at our heels, asking “what should we make next?” Anyone who has cooked with students in mind knows the challenge of balancing cost, seasonality and nutrition with an approachable flavor but luckily, these fruits have your back until the bell rings.


There’s a reason why apples are synonymous with teachers. The ultra popular fruit is an absolute hit with students and parents alike, offering up a legendary taste that’s only matched by its nutritional value. We love apples for their versatility and kid-approved sweetness, particularly when used in apple nachos. 


Clementines are nearly omnipresent in lunchboxes and for good reason; their trademark portability and small size make them perfectly suited to small hands! If you’re in a pinch, tangerines can be a good substitute but remember that their peak season starts in late fall.


The sweet treat that never gets old, blueberries are a unique way to spice up salad bars and non-traditional pizzas. Their nutritional value is nothing to scoff at either; the little berries can help improve memory, reasoning, and verbal comprehension.


Pears deserve a spot on any school menu simply due to their versatility. There are a ton of different flavor profiles and textures based on variety, so you can create savory or sweet dishes for your students by simply switching things up! Seriously, with proper planning and a bit of creativity, pears can be on your menu no matter what time it is.


Nurture the next generation of hip foodies by adding some avocado to your menu! The fabulous fruit is rich in monounsaturated fat and omega-3 acids, which work in tandem to increase blood flow to the brain, resulting in stronger cognitive development. Avocados are rockstars in the kitchen too; try creating some killer guacamole or healthy ice cream for more adventurous eaters.