4 Ways To Use Lemongrass In Your Cocktail Program

The best craft cocktails take everyday drinks and expands them in innovative, flavorful ways. Adding lemongrass to your cocktail program achieves this goal; long-running citrus cocktails can get a greater depth of flavor without losing their identity. Lemongrass is a powerful ally for those who put in the work, which is why we’re such big fans of adding it to cocktails. Give it a shot; you may be surprised with what you come up with.

Make A Lemongrass Simple Syrup

Throwing some fresh lemongrass into a simple syrup is one of the most versatile and adaptable ways to use the veggie. The simple combination of sugar, water, and lemongrass culminates in a syrup that proudly displays deep citric notes. Lemongrass simple syrup also contains delicate traces of mint and ginger, making it an excellent addition to bar standbys like mojitos and Moscow mules. 

  • Pro Tip: For a classy twist, try combining lemongrass simple syrup and fresh Meyers lemon juice into a lemon drop!

Infuse Into Vodka

Bartenders and mixologists rejoice; lemongrass infused vodka is here to help you create powerfully punchy cocktails. Though this technique is a bit time intensive, it’s absolutely worth it; the finished product has a beautiful yellow hue and captivating citrus flavor that spruces up plain old cocktails. To prepare, toss lemongrass stalks into a bottle of vodka and infuse for up to two weeks.  If you find that you want more citrus flavor, you can add lemon zest into the bottle as well!

  • Pro Tip: Not a vodka fan? Substitute lemongrass infused gin for a citrus forward take on gin and tonic.

Add As Garnish

In terms of simple ways to incorporate lemongrass, using it as garnish takes the cake. Fresh, bright green stalks compliment citrus forward cocktails quite nicely and look particularly great in a highball! Quietly add some to an old fashioned or go all out and plop large stalks into a house-made Bloody Mary. 

Brew Into Beer

We know, we know, beer doesn’t count as a cocktail, but talking about a lemongrass wheat ale is an opportunity too delicious to pass up. Citrus and wheat ales go hand-in-hand (particularly in Belgian style ales), so lemongrass is right at home. For best results, add some dried lemongrass into the boil at the tail-end of the brewing process; this will help impart the flavor into your whole batch and keep the beer nice and clean.