4 Savory Ways To Use Passion Fruit

When most people think of passion fruit, they immediately jump to desserts or cocktails but that doesn’t mean that the purple fruit is devoid of savory applications. Show off the power of the tropical powerhouse with these savory ideas.

Spice It Up

Tropical fruits and peppers have a long-running working relationship, so it should come as no surprise that passion fruit can help you make a killer hot sauce. Instead of adding whole passion fruit pieces to your sauce, we’d recommend using passion fruit juice for a creamier salsa. Additionally, try working with spicier peppers like habaneros for a better balance of sweetness and spice. 

Marinade It

Surprisingly, passion fruit can be used to make a killer marinade! Similar to citrus fruits, passion fruit has a high acidic content, so it can simultaneously tenderize and season your meat! For this one, stay away from heartier meats; you’re better off using the marinade for chicken or fish.

  • Pro Tip: Add some brown sugar, soy sauce, and vinegar to your sauce for a well-rounded flavor profile. 

Bring On The Comfort

With a little bit of creativity, passion fruit can be an excellent addition to comfort foods like hamburgers and hot dogs. Rather than adding whole pieces to your dogs, we’d recommend adding the pulp to your next relish. It’s important to note that you’ll need to use a decent amount of passion fruit to get the proper amount of pulp; it’ll take around 12 passion fruits to net one cup of pulp. 

Look To The Sea

Take a cue from passion fruit’s tropical heritage and add it to your next fish dish. While we’d never shy away from a passion fruit salmon dish, we’re fond of pairing it with grilled shrimp because there are multiple ways to utilize for the fruit. To start, try tossing grilled shrimp in a passionfruit marinade, topping shrimp tacos with passionfruit salsa, or serving passion fruit alongside sautéed jumbo shrimp!