4 Fun Ways to Use Plums

Plums are a powerful ally. Besides being fanatic fresh eaters and baking champions, the juicy, complex fruit is suited to numerous creative dishes. With a little imagination and culinary skill, you can incorporate plums in ways that your customers will never expect! Show off the fun side of plums with these ideas.

Add Them to a Salad

Japanese plums, such as the fantastically popular Santa Rosa variety, can add a touch of elegance to simple salads. Even though plums are considered a summer fruit, we like using winter greens like spinach, kale, and arugula to get a greater balance of textures. Top with almonds and a creamy, tart cheese like goat and feta for an easy treat.

Share A Spot of Tea

For any anglophiles who visit your restaurant, incorporating European plums into tea will seem like an irresistible offer. Instead of trying to create your own plum tea, we prefer to poach our fruit and then use the leftover plum-infused liquid in place of simple syrup! This technique is an excellent way to limit waste, as it ensures that nothing gets tossed down the drain. When selecting your tea, stick with a bold black tea like English breakfast to keep your drink from becoming overly sweet. 

Throw On the Grill

Honey-glazed grilled plums are fantastic on their own, but here at Colorful Plates, we like to push the envelope. Instead of serving them as-is, try adding grilled plums to a cheeseburger or grilled cheese sandwich! Stay away from standard cheddar cheese though; using a creamy, buttery cheese like Brie or Camembert will net you a richer finished product.

Bring Some to Breakfast

Parfaits are one of the all time greatest quick breakfast items, but simply adding strawberries or blueberries to greek yogurt can get old fast. For a stone-fruit centric twist, we’d recommend adding roasted plums or a plum compote to your next parfait! You don’t have to stop there either; for a boozy breakfast, try tossing a bit of plum wine or plum liqueur into a mimosa! This will add a deep purple color and juicy flavor to your dish while still retaining classic “mimosa” elements.