Driscoll’s: Natural Quality From Patch To Plate

Ever wonder how those beautiful little summer berries end up in your kitchen? The journey from patch to plate isn’t a simple one, and there are numerous factors along the way that can change quality. We’re going to focus on the initial portion of the journey (growth to harvest) through the skilled eye of berry virtuosos, Driscoll’s.

A History Of Excellence

For over a century, Driscoll’s has been one of the go-to names in premium berries. Consistently delivering fresh, flavorful berries is no easy task, however, and Driscoll’s uses natural breeding methods at the source in order to grow strong, healthy fruit. Despite being the largest supplier of full berry patch strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, Driscoll’s doesn’t sacrifice quality.

A Stacked Team

Good quality produce always starts with the best seeds. Driscoll’s studies thousands of potential varieties from test plots around the world in order to determine the best. Only 1% of these samples are then brought for large-scale production, to ensure premium quality. On top of this, they use a proprietary breeding program that exclusively uses natural cross-pollination techniques. After these initial growing procedures are put into place, it can take five to seven years to bring a new variety from seed to marketplace!

A Steady Hand

When the berries finally reach a maturation appropriate for harvest, things begin to move quickly. Berries are only handled once as they are picked by hand and transferred into containers located within the field. After this, berries are quickly moved to distribution centers to be inspected. Everything from the condition, appearance, and sugar levels are tested. Driscoll’s understands that berries can be perishable, so the entire process from harvest to shipping happens within a manner of hours.

A Second Opinion

During this entire journey, berries are often put through a safety program to ensure consumer’s health. Driscoll’s uses consistent standards worldwide. Every farm and distribution center is regularly inspected to follow strict food safety and hygiene standards. To take it to the next level, they bring in independent third parties to test their fruit, soil, and water.

Though some may imagine a strawberry passing onto their plate in an easy manner, there is an undoubtedly thorough level of care from seed onward. But every time you bite into the perfect berry or sip from a soothing smoothie, you know all the effort was worth it.