Andy Boy and Sustainability

A leader in produce for nearly a hundred years, the D’Arrigo Brothers Company has been committed to bringing healthy options to American plates across four generations of families. The first firm to ever brand fresh vegetables (under their Andy Boy label in the summer of 1946), the D’Arrigo family promotes perfection in more than just their products. As any good farmer knows, how you treat the earth is paramount to how it treats you. In this spirit, we’d like to shine a spotlight on the sustainability practices that makes Andy Boy environmental champions.

Making Commitments

All good stewardship starts with firm goals. Working in the central coast soil since 1920, Andy Boy prides itself on keeping the following promises.

  1. Making efficient use of non-renewable resources
  2. Sustaining the economic viability of farms
  3. Enhancing the environment and quality of life for all

Sustainability Starts At Home

By growing, harvesting, packing, cooling, and shipping all of their own products, Andy Boy has a high degree of control over their environmental practices. Their environmental attitude extends to throughout their company. By consolidating and centrally locating their facilities department-wide,  they significantly reduce the travel distance and time from field to facility. This lowers potential air pollution from trucks.

Tools Of The Trade

When constructing their facilities, Andy Boy chose the best of the best. Their equipment, materials, and lighting are all top-of-the-line in regards to energy efficiency. Additional systems such as variable frequency drives on major cooling equipment, automated doors, individual forced air tunnels and a state of the art computer system all ensure top quality produce that is environmentally sustainable.

Saving The World, One Seed At A Time

Using these practices in tandem has really paid off. From a case study with SureHarvest, an industry leader in sustainability certification, the results of their environmentally focused programs can clearly be seen. Every year, Andy Boy has been able to…

  • Prevent 593 metric tons of CO² emissions from entering the atmosphere.
    • This has resulted in stopping more than 4,000 metric tons of emission since the start of their program.
  • Keep 123 cars off the road by reducing travel distance from field to cooler.
  • Eliminate 300,000 miles of drive time, or 12 trips around the earth.

So the next time you purchase produce, consider suppliers like Andy Boy that are focused on sustainability. Giving back never tasted so good.