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Produce isn’t the only thing that’s fresh around here. Check out our podcast for lively discussions on everything culinary from A(pples) to Z(ucchini). We regularly chat with industry pioneers, chefs, and experts across the board. Follow along as we explore chefs, culinary influencers, and restaurants on how they are developing creative innovative ways to bring produce to the center of the plate.

Ep 96

Foodservice In Crisis | Future

In the 3rd episode of the series, 'Foodservice in Crisis,' industry leaders share how they are looking to the future.

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Ep 95

Foodservice in Crisis | Pivot

The 2nd of a 3-part series where we talk with industry leaders on how they are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ep 94

Foodservice in Crisis | Response

The 1st of a 3-part series where we talk with industry leaders on how they are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ep 93

Market Reports / James Loffredo from Loffredo Fresh Foods

Loffredo Fresh Foods recently re-branded, evolving to capture the different markets they've begun to segue into!

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Ep 92

Market Reports / Tomato Outlook with Fresh-Link’s Aaron Aliotti

This week Liz spoke with Fresh-Link's General Manager Aaron Aliotti about the past & current tomato market condition.

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Ep 91

Market Reports / Avo Alert with Mike Magana

The avo market definitely changed since we last spoke with Mike. Hear what he has to say about avos now & looking ahead!

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Ep 90

Market Reports / Chef Christopher Ivens-Brown with Compass Group

Liz spoke with Chief Culinary Officer with Compass Group, Chef Christopher Ivens-Brown, all about sustainability!

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Ep 89

Market Reports/ Taylor Farms- Britta & Michelle

This week, Liz spoke to Britta Roberts and Michelle Roberts from Taylor farms about their new power medley!

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Ep 88

Market Reports / Mann Packing’s Gabe Romero

This week Liz spoke with Director of Foodservice at Mann Packing, Gabe Romero!

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Ep 87

Market Reports / Avos & Melons with PRO*ACT’s Mike Magana

This week Liz spoke with one of PRO*ACT's Sourcing Specialists, Mike Magana, regarding the state of avocados for 2020.

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Ep 86

Market Reports / PRO*ACT Assistant Sourcing Manager Sean Azzelio

This week Liz spoke to PRO*ACT Assistant Sourcing Manager Sean Azzelio, who handles grapes and stone fruit.

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Ep 85

A Conversation with Mike McCloud

Today's podcast features Mike McCloud's full interview with Liz.

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Ep 84

Market Reports / Mike McCloud / Michael DeSimone with Driscoll’s

This week Liz spoke with Mike McCloud, President/CEO of the World Food Championships & Michael DeSimone with Driscoll's.

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Ep 83

Market Reports / Kristie Waters, PRO*ACT VP of Client Services

This week Liz spoke with Kristie Waters, one of PRO*ACT's VPs of Client Services.

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Ep 82

Market Reports / Berries with PRO*ACT Sourcing Specialist Mike Moreno

This week we spoke with PRO*ACT Sourcing Specialist Mike Moreno about the state of berries.

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Ep 81

Market Reports / Row Crops with PRO*ACT Sourcing Specialist Steve Cagle

This week Liz gives a rundown of market reports & also catches up with PRO*ACT Sourcing Specialist Steve Cagle.

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Ep 80

Market Reports / A update with D’Arrigo California

We chatted with Claudia Pizaro-Villalobos, Director of Marketing & Culinary, & Cody Ramsey, Foodservice Manager.

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Ep 79

Market Reports / PRO*ACT Sourcing Specialist TJ Ware

In this week's podcast, TJ talks about the allusive cosmic crisp apple.

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Ep 78

Market Reports / Monique Bienvenue / PRO*ACT’s Andrew Flores

This week is all about citrus!

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Ep 77

Market Reports / Chef Mark Sierra / PRO*ACT’s Mike Mouisset

This week we chat with Chef Mark Sierra and PRO*ACT's Potato Sourcing Specialist Mike Mouisset.

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Ep 76

Culinary Summit Series- Part 6: Chef Matt Beckett with Taylor Farms + Transition with Taylor Farms’ Marcus Shebl

This week's podcast caps off our Culinary Summit interview series with Taylor Farms' consultant chef, Matt Beckett.

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Ep 75

Culinary Summit Series: Part 5- Chef Brian Warneking with Flagship Restaurant Group

It's our second to last episode of our Culinary Summit Series and this week's interview features Chef Brian Warneking.

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Ep 74

Culinary Summit Series- Part 4: Chef Annemarie Stenfors with Wahlburgers

Chef Stenfors was a joy to talk with as it is evident culinary is not just her career- it's her passion.

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Ep 73

Culinary Summit Series: Part 3- Chef Mat Waer with Pizzicato in Portland

This week's Culinary Summit interview features Chef Mat Waer from Pizzicato.

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Ep 72

Culinary Summit Series- Part 2: Chef Sally Camacho with Sunkist & Tesse Restaurant

This week features Chef Sally Camacho, partner, and executive pastry chef at Tesse Restaurant in LA!

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Ep 71

Culinary Summit Series- Part 1

To kick off our Culinary Summit Series, this week's podcast features two interviews, Cherene, and Gus from Atalanta.

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Ep 70

Market Reports / Chef Oscar Ortega

This week's podcast features an interview with renowned chef, chocolatier and confectioner Chef Oscar Ortega.

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Ep 69

Market Reports / Chef Steelman and Chef Windus from HMS Host

This week's podcast features Liz's interview with Chef Jeff Steelman and Chef Chris Windus from HMS Host.

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Ep 68

Market Reports / Fresh- Link’s Aaron Aliotti

Liz connected with Aaron Aliotti of Fresh-Link to discuss Fresh-Link's relationship with PRO*ACT and much more!

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Ep 67

A Conversation with Carlino’s Market

Listen to the full interview with the owner of Carlino's, Angela Carlino Milani & Pastry Chef Jessica Perez.

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Ep 66

Market Reports / Carlino’s Market / PRO*ACT’s Mike Mouisset

This week, we connected with PRO*ACT's Mike Mouisett and Carlino's Market located Pennsylvania.

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Ep 65

Market Reports / Monique Bienvenue with Bee Sweet Citrus

This week, we chat with Monique Bienvenue from Bee Sweet Citrus about all things citrus!

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Ep 64

A Conversation with Chef Chris Smith

Listen to the full interview with Chef Chris Smith from The Allison in Portland, Oregon.

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Ep 63

Marketing Reports / Chef Chris Smith & TJ Ware

This week, we spoke to Chef Chris Smith from The Allison and TJ Ware about the state of apples.

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Ep 62

A Conversation with Chef Jason Hernandez

In this week's chef interview, Jaymie spoke to Chef Jason about all things watermelon!

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Ep 61

Market Reports / Chef Jason Hernandez & Megan McKenna

This week, we spoke to Megan McKena & Jason Hernandez from the Watermelon Board about all things watermelon!

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Ep 60

Market Reports / Sound “bites” from 2019 Chef interviews

This week Liz and Jaymie recapped 5 of their favorite moments from 2019 chef interviews!

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Ep 59

Market Reports / Rainier Shane Zeutenhorst

This week, we spoke to Shane Zeutenhorst from Rainier Fruit Company about the state of cherries!

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Ep 58

Market Reports / Chef Jerry Regester / PRO*ACT’s Mike Magana

This week, we connected with Chef Jerry Regester about managing multiple operations and PRO*ACT's Mike Magana.

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Ep 57

A conversation with Chef Adam Evans

In this week's episode, Liz spoke to chef Adam Evans about his culinary journey!

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Ep 56

Market Reports / Chef Adam Evans / PRO*ACT’s Mike Moreno

This week we connected with Chef Adam Evans from Automatic Seafood & Oysters & PRO*ACT's Mike Moreno about berries!

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Ep 55

A Conversation with Chef Roberto Santibañez

Chef Roberto, owner & exec. chef of Mi Vida in D.C, talks about his journey & how he stays inspired in the kitchen!

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Ep 54

Market Reports / Adam Fleming / Chef Roberto Santibañez

We connected with Adam Fleming from Royal Food Service and Chef Roberto Santibañez from MI VIDA in Washington, DC.

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Ep 53

Market Reports / PRO*ACT’s Andrew Flores

This week, we connect with PRO*ACT's Sourcing Specialist, Andrew Flores to talk about all things citrus!

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Ep 52

Market Reports / PRO*ACT’s Sean Azzelio

This week, we connect with PRO*ACT's Sean Azzelio to talk about cherries, stone fruit, and grapes!

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Ep 51

Market Reports / Kathy Stephenson

This week, Jaymie gives us the rundown on market reports and speaks with Kathy Stephenson about all things pears.

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Ep 50

A Conversation with Chef Guillaume D’Angio

In this week's chef interview, Brynne spoke to Guillaume D'Angio from the Chart House in Monterey, CA.

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Ep 49

Market Reports / Chef Guillaume D’Angio / Hannah Ricci

This week, we chat about market reports and connect with Chef Guillaume D'Angio and Hannah Ricci from GFT.

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Ep 48

A conversation with Top Chef contestant Joe Sasto

In this week's episode, Brynne spoke with Chef Joe Sasto about his roots and creative process.

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Ep 47

Market Reports / Chef Joe Sasto / Steve Davis from Taylor Farms

This week, we chat with Top Chef contestant Joe Sasto and the VP of Business Development at Taylor Farms, Steve Davis.

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Ep 46

A conversation with Chef David Bancroft

As promised, here is the full interview with Chef David Bancroft!

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Ep 45

Market Reports / Chef David Bancroft

This week, we give you a rundown on market reports and talk with Chef David Bancroft from Auburn, AL.

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Ep 44

A conversation with Ed Hoffman from Padilla

Our full interview with Ed Hoffman from Padilla!

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Ep 43

Market Reports / Ed Hoffman

This week we talk about market reports and spoke to Ed Hoffman at Padilla, a communications agency with PR Roots.

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Ep 42

Market Reports / Mike Magana

This week we have an update on market reports and talk to PRO*ACT's avocado specialist, Mike Magana.

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Ep 41

Market Reports / Klaus Georis

This week we talked to Klaus Georis about spring produce!

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Ep 40

A Conversation with Chef Lacy Larson

Our full interview with Chef Lacy Larson from Pacific Coast Fruit Company.

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Ep 39

Market Reports / Chef Lacy Larson

In this week's episode, we give you an update on what's in peak season and chat with Chef Lacy Larson.

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Ep 38

A conversation with Jenn Louis

We spoke with Jenn Louis about her new endeavors!

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Ep 37

Market Reports / Jenn Louis / Naturipe

This week we spoke to Top Chef Masters contestant Jenn Louis about menu planning and Naturipe farms about berries.

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Ep 36

Market Reports/ Danny Leach / Taylor Farms

This week we speak to Danny Leach from Folktale Winery and talk with Tim Ball from Taylor Farms.

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Ep 35

Market Reports / Chef Philip Poppy Hall / Mann Packing

This week, we talk to Chef Philip from Poppy Hall and chat with Gabe Romero from Mann Packing.

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Ep 34

A conversation with Hugh Acheson

Here is the full interview with Hugh Acheson

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Ep 33

Market Reports / Hugh Acheson / Sunkist

We talk with James Beard Award-winning Chef Hugh Acheson and Sunkist about what's new with citrus.

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Ep 32

Market Reports / Denis Boaro / Bob Harper

We talk with Denis Boaro owner of Gusto in Seaside, CA and Bob Harper about all thing tomatoes.

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Ep 31

Market Reports / Chef Fabrice

On this week's podcast, we have updates on Market Alerts and an interview with Chef Fabrice from Roux in Carmel Valley.

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Ep 30

Strawberries / Happy Girl Kitchen / JC Watson Packing Company

We talk with Todd Champagne from Happy Girl Kitchen and Emily Watson with JC Watson Packing Company.

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Ep 29

Strawberries / Sungold Kiwifruit

On this week's podcast, we talk about the state of strawberries for Valentine's Day and Sungold Kiwifruit.

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Ep 28

Kale & Arugula / Working with Chefs / Market Reports from Chile and Yuma

On this weeks episode, we talk about the state of Kale & Arugula, working with Chefs, and Market Reports.

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Ep 27

Avocados for Super Bowl Sunday / Local Grant Farms / Pop-up Restaurants

This week we spoke to Mission Avocados, Cultivating Change, and co-owner Gabriel and Marcus Deanda about West Oak Nosh.

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Ep 26

Strawberries in the rain / Tomatoes / Local Farm Grants

In this week's podcast, we talk about strawberry production, why chef Ryan loves tomatoes and local farm grants.

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Ep 25

Freeze in Yuma / Mushrooms in the Kitchen / Local Farm Support

We learn on this episode what happens when row crops go through a freeze and Chef Mike Bezdik talks about mushrooms.

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Ep 24 November 12, 2018

Mexican Avocado Strike | Transition to Yuma – Fresh Produce Outlook 11.12.18

Mission Produce talks Avocado issues, and we examine how the transition to Yuma may affect the quality and supply this year.

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Ep 23 November 5, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook – 11.5.18

We talk voting, and hear industry veterans talk about the annual row crop migration to Yuma from the Salinas Valley.

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Ep 22 October 30, 2018

First Fruits Marketing | Opal Apples

On this mid-week episode, we spoke with First Fruits Marketing about their fantastic new apple variety, the Opal Apple.

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Ep 21 October 29, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook – 10.29.18

This week Brian makes the mistake of engaging Stephen in his segment.

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Ep 20 October 22, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook – 10.22.18

This week we look at how the weather is impacting product and what happened at the biggest produce show of the year.

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Ep 19 October 15, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook – 10.15.18

Sunkist shares about citrus varieties and we take a look at the damage and long-term outlook from Hurricane Michael.

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Ep 18 October 8, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook – 10.08.18

We have updates from recent storm activity, look at affected products, and talk with award-winning Chef Ted Mathesius.

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Ep 17 October 1, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 10.01.18

Chef Daniel Asher from River & Woods in Boulder shares his insights on produce and hospitality

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Ep 16 September 27, 2018

Innovation Conversation with Taylor Farms

We dive in deeper with Tanya Mason from Taylor Farms to discuss how Taylor Farms is innovating for chefs.

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Ep 15 September 24, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 09.24.18

This week we talk about kids in restaurants, innovation in the fields, and an update on Hurricane Florence.

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Ep 14 September 19, 2018

A Conversation With Jakob Smith

An extended conversation with Jakob Smith from HMC Farms about grapes and schools

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Ep 13 September 17, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 09.17.2018

We hear about pineapples, wrap up our 3-week series on schools, and look at market conditions and Hurricane Florence.

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Ep 12 September 10, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 09.10.18

We continue our conversation about local schools, take a look at market conditions and have a chat about new products.

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Ep 11 September 3, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 09.3.18

This week we talk about schools, strawberries, and what's coming out of the fields and into your kitchens.

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Ep 10 August 27, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 08.27.18

In-N-Out Burger, apples, and new segments. We're bringing all the need to know info straight to your eardrums.

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Ep 09 August 20, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 08.20.18

This week we talk way too much about peaches and Stephen's wife makes a rare cameo.

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Ep 08 August 13, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 08.13.2018

An onion has layers and so does our podcast. This week we find out what it takes to grow and store a great onion.

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Ep 07 August 6, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 08.06.2018

Potatoes, Heat, and School, Oh My!

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Ep 06 July 30, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 07.30.2018

Fresh Produce, fresh perspectives. This week we sat down with Brent Scattini from Mission Produce

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Ep 05 July 23, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook | 7.23.2018

Lemons, and grapes, and row crops, oh my! We talk to our friends PRO*ACT about current market conditions.

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Ep 04 July 19, 2018

Caulilini | A New Product from Mann Packing

Mann, oh Mann! Mann Packing is at it again with a brand new product that will shake up your menus!

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Ep 03 July 16, 2018

Fresh Produce Outlook 07.16.18

Mondays are for coffee and contemplation and a weekly dose of produce insights.

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Ep 02 June 24, 2018

A Conversation with Chef Shane Schaibly

We sit down with award winning chef of innovative breakfast restaurant First Watch, and learn how he develops new...

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Ep 01 June 24, 2018

A Conversation with Chef Varin Keokitvon

Our sit down with Chef Varin Keokitvon from Heartwood Provisions in Seattle was a fascinating look at someone who...

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