Always Be My Baby (Leaf)- The Prosperous Products of Taylor Farms

With the obsession for high-quality, nutritious food reaching an all time high for many American consumers, it’s crucial to have greens that go above and beyond the call of duty. Luckily for chefs and everyday eaters nationwide, Taylor Farms has risen to meet this call. Their burgeoning baby leaf program is setting new standards in the industry for its exceptional food safety standards, beautiful presentation, and unparalleled taste.

Something In The Water

With over 20 years in the industry, Taylor Farms is constantly creating new initiatives and innovations to stay at the cutting edge of the food world, but they haven’t forgotten that quality starts at the source. As America’s largest provider of fresh cut vegetables, maintaining unmatched standards is a daily duty. This commitment is kickstarted immediately, as the company uses high quality, filtered water when growing all of their products. Once their greens have matured, they’re processed in a top of the line washing system that ensures that chefs are getting the highest quality products at the best value. Capped off by an unparalleled food safety program, Taylor Farms guarantees that every product is met with key quality and safety standards.

Valued Varieties

Luckily, these practices don’t go to waste on unpopular products. Taylor Farm’s baby leaf program includes some of the heaviest hitters in the industry, with offerings like arugula, spinach, and the eternally popular baby kale. Beyond being packed with vitamins and nutrients, all three have a plethora of culinary applications ranging from succulent salads to simmering soups. Baby leaves aren’t afraid to play with others either; be sure to check out their heritage blend for a product that has more flavor, texture, and consistent cuts when compared to a typical spring mix.

Platted Powerhouse

Taken as a whole, Taylor Farm’s baby leaf program can be a powerful tool in your kitchen. Aside from being guaranteed delicious, beautiful produce at an exceptional value, you can rest easy knowing that each leaf has undergone the strictest food safety standards and is therefore ready to serve with zero added prep, allowing you the time to come up with clean culinary concoctions. Baby leaf products are a hit with customers too; appealing equally to presentation driven foodies and families desiring exceptional nutritional value. Whether you’re crazy for kale or a spirited supporter of spinach, there’s a baby leaf that can make you feel like a kid again.

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